The 2.0 Toronto Mindshare

PURPOSE: A people-platform for key-opinion leaders and subject matter experts to share what’s in their head through their hearts. The boutique experience enables an intimate and interactive ambiance. The safe space allows people from all walks of life to be authentic, creative, and original. The tone therefore encourages immersive intra/interpersonal connections. Our presenters voluntarily share their innovations, stories, and struggles as a display of their gratefulness and devotion to creating positive social innovation and impact. #growingbettertogether

METHODOLOGY: Presentations can range from lecture, facilitation, Q&A, innovation share, show and tell, movement demonstration, group discussion, experiential learning, hands on workshop.


  • Annually, the smaller Mindshare Workshops scheduled earlier in the year act as stepping stones for the larger Symposium Unconference (100+ participants), scheduled later in the year. The Mindshares are pre-symposium checkpoints that build excitement for the Symposium but also give individual attention to boutique studios and cutting-edge innovators.

  • The Mindshare exemplifies the scientific principle of the abundance mindset and growth mindset.

  • The deeper takeaway of each Mindshare experience is to elicit the positive psychology model PERMAV:

  • Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, Vitality


  1. (10 minutes) Pre-Networking & Sign-In

  2. (10 minutes) Introduction & Icebreaker

  3. (60 minutes) Circuit #1 (3 presenters x 20 minutes each)

  4. (15 minutes) Networking - Group Photo & activities

  5. (60 minutes) Circuit #2 (3 presenters x 20 minutes each)

  6. (15 minutes) Networking - Break out activities

  7. (10 minutes) Closing Words & Q&A