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Meet Sylva Mischke

ROLE - Education Lead.

HOMETOWN - Vancouver.

SPECIALIZATIONS -  Strength and Conditioning and Running. WeckMethod Qualification, TRX, SCHWINN Cycling and Personal Training.


QUOTES I LIVE BY - "Accept the challenge, taste victory," and, "Failing once is more of a success than never trying at all," are both my own and not taken from anyone or anywhere.

WHAT DRIVES ME - I truly enjoy coaching people! Not just motivating people but truly coaching them to move better. Anyone can count reps or say motivational quotes. I want to have people reach their human locomotive potential. I prefer any sport because I can see the skill required to execute the movement. My clients’ programs are a combination of what they WANT and what they NEED.

THE BEST EDUCATION / TRAINING I’VE DONE IN NEAR 20 YEARS - I recently travelled to San Diego to partake in a three day intensive course called Weck Method Qualification. David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU Ball, Balast Ball, RMT club, ProPulsers and a new innovation called the Weck Deck.

Weck Method is the distilled essence of human locomotion. Once you have and understand that, EVERYTHING in the field of athletics and movement falls into place.

MY CAREER IN FITNESS - It all started around 1998. I was watching group fitness classes from the weight room floor and that led me to teaching classes, and then to personal training.

I have no university degree in fitness or health. I have a BA in Criminal Justice. There wasn't one defining moment that led me into fitness. It was just an organic progression.

I AM UNIQUE - I have little to no social barriers. I consider myself a bit of a black sheep in that I like being solo and have no concerns as to what people think or say of me. I also tell the truth when people ask questions. Many times when people ask for your opinion they are really looking for your agreement. If I agree then I agree. If I don't I'll let you know. Most individuals fear the response. I don’t.

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THROUGH 2.0 - I want people to be less attached to their technology when working out; get back to basic human function.

MUSIC FOR MOVEMENT - NOT TOP 40 OR RAP/HIP HOP. I like Old and New Rock, trance, trap house, Alternative, JAZZ for stretching. A lot of times I don’t have any music. AGAIN IT'S STRIPPING EXERCISE/MOVEMENT DOWN TO ITS BASICS. JUST YOU. NOTHING ELSE. NO TEXTING, NO SELFIES, NO TECH. Let your senses be fully involved.

FUN CHILLAXIN’ - I'm a total homebody. I'm already alive and feel fantastic. Though now that the weather is warmer I'll ride my motorcycle!