OUR 2019 mandate

peer-to-peer gROWTH & SUPPORT.



Mindshare: Project Presence (June 2019)

THE MINDSHARE is our version of a boutique Ted Talks. It is where embodied coaches, creatives, and thought-leaders come together to share their innovations, stories, and skills for the common goal of growing better together. This is our neo-generalist approach to experiential education. At Project Presence, co-curator Jamie Snow, fitness and wellness guru, unpacked ‘presence’ as an actualizing philosophy/principle/tool for mental health. Our 6 presenters furthered the ‘presence’ theme by sharing their mental health strategies, techniques, tools, and methodologies. We experienced group activities, break out conversations, movement exploration, guided meditation, lecture, and personal story shares.

Mindshare: Project Renaissance (April 2019)

At Project Renaissance, lead curator William Greenblatt, our in-house professional speaking Coach, and founder and director of Outloud Now Speaker School, unpacked what it means to be a multi-talent, multi-potentialite, neo-generalist, jack/jill of many trades. We shared the ups and downs, successes and struggles, growth and the obstacles of being this hybrid human.


Masterclass: Project Nightlab (February 2019)

"A night out to night in. A night to work in. A night with those akin. A night without sin. A night for a self win." This special Masterclass started with Hip Hop Flow Yoga, then Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy Massage, then a Sound Bath with singing bowls and other instruments. Thanks to donors Chi Junky Yoga and Wellness Studio, Garden of Life Canada, and Adidas Canada.