In order to achieve an optimal state of being, one must focus on achieving and managing a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.

The creation of 2.0 stems from his kinesiology studies at Western University, his certifications in holistic lifestyle coaching with the Chek Institute, and his research in positive psychology.

In order to be innovative, creative, and curious, Julian invests his energy and attention across a wide range of cultural experiences including fashion, food, design, science, music, art and film. Julian endorses a diverse ecosystem of learning by drawing upon his favorites for inspiration including Ted Talks, Brainpickings blog, and the Tim Ferriss Podcast. Julian embodies variety as the spice of life, and as a result, he has become a multi-sport athlete, a multi-certified coach, a multi-sponsored fitness professional, and a modern day renaissance man.

To be able to run, bike, lift, yoga, climb, and dance all in one day with the widest range of people and environments is truly a gift. I am grateful to be able to connect deeply with people as a career. I hope that my mission to teach holism and mindfulness through the vessel of fitness resonates with my community, and echoes as an example for years to come.
— Founder, Julian Ho